The biggest upset in the history of football (for me) took place in 2011 January transfer window of football clubs. When the two time FIFA WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR (Ronaldinho) had to leave my favourite football team AC Milan. When it came to the new season 2010/2011 Ronaldinho seemed to be in real form and started well at the start of the season assisting three goals to his team mates and giving them a win of four goal  to nil and making two or three more assists in UEFA champions league fixtures. Though he still did not get any goal for himself.

Soon there was a news that Robinho, Ronaldinho’s very close friend and Brazilian team mate will join AC Milan and they both looked really happy to play together for one more time but there was someone in team who looked like disliking Ronaldinho and made him a substitute in the team. He was Massimo Allegri the new coach of  AC Milan. They both assisted each other the first goals of the season as they played together only for two or three matches in six months.The Milan fans disliked the new coach for the way he treated Ronaldinho though he brought the team at no.1 spot in italy serie a. Ronaldinho had a contract with AC milan till june 2011 and he hoped that he will play at the club till the end of the season and lift up the trophy of serie A with the team.

Massimo Allegri said that this will be Ronaldinho’s last season at milan and he will be leaving the club in june.But when the new year started and the transfer window was opened. Allegri decided to sell Ronaldinho, this news was really shocking for me. The president of AC Milan  did not wanted Dinho to go but Allegri convinced him too.He was selled to a Brazlian club,Flamengo.At the stadium of Flamengo F.C he was visited by 90,000 Flamengo fans with the rest waiting outside the stadium.

Ronaldinho will always be rembered in History of football as a great player and as the best player ever to exist in football for me. Now what we se is that AC Milan is suffering by selling the world class player,their lead to the second placed Napoli F.C in Italian Serie A is reduced from 9 points to 3 points.
He acheived alot in his football life.he won the fifa world player of the year award two times the Ballon Dor award and many others.

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